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The international business development company is the first company in the world to be helping Developers, Architects and Engineers to take their first step into becoming international and find new projects world wide. Founded in 2018 in Rotterdam, the ibd company has extensive international experience in Private Acquisitions, Public Acquisitions and Design & Build. The company’s professional philosophy is that there should not be any geographical or cultural barriers in

order to find a project abroad. We therefore encourage Developers, Architects and Engineers to find their first international project tailored to their vision and references. We then help throughout the whole process of the project, from the acquisition phase until the construction of the building. In order to coordinate the team of experts in the local language, we make sure that the project complies with the local regulations and make the transition to the new market easy.


Francis Liesting

Dutch | English —

Andrea de Mauro

French | English | Italian | Spanish —

Ali Al Bahbahani

Dutch | English | Arabic —

Anna Maria Moscato

Italian | French | English —

Giulia de Mauro

English | Italian | French —

    The ibd company is your best partner for your international journey. If you are a Developer, an Architectural or Engineering firm and want to explore the potential to develop your company in a new market get in touch with us. We will talk about your ambition and your projects’ vision in order to tailor your firm’s profile and give you the best chances of succeeding in a new international market.

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